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Just Golf Indoor Simulator

Golf League Information

-2 man teams, best ball format

  (play your own ball, take best score from each hole)

-League will run from Oct. 19th -Jan. 2nd
- 1 free beer for each player for each round played
- an array of canned beers to choose from
- Each week is a head to head match up against another team
- Gimmes are set at 12 feet, as putting is very difficult in simulator golf
- A different course will be played each week to keep competition fresh
- Christmas and Easter weeks will be skipped


- A long drive and closest to the pin cash competition will be held each week, 5$ for 3 chances. You can pay up to 20$, to give yourself 12 chances maximum.
- Winner takes all
-Just In Golf attendant must witness all attempts
-These will be conducted after your round is finished


- Booking your tee time each week depends on your schedule
- We do our absolute best to be flexible for our league players
- Booking early in the week helps the workers, as well as other teams

- Skill level will be leveled out by using handicaps
- Handicap each week depends on your team performance of the last 2       weeks
- This is averaged out to deduct a certain number of strokes each round
- If a team’s handicap is under par, their handicap remains 0 (scratch)


- Our simulator is friendly for right and left handed players

- Standings will be recorded and can be displayed upon request
- Greens can be read by using the grid feature on our program

- A list of courses will be available upon request
- We plan on having 22 courses, so a different one can be played each         week
- If you have a course you would like to play, call Christian ASAP, and he will see if he can accommodate you
- Standings will go to seeding for an end-of-the-league tournament, where the cash prizes will be given out
- Each week will be a head-to-head match up
- We will try to save courses which are known to hold real-life major championships for these weeks
- If a player is out, an alternate can fill in
- This will affect a team’s handicap just the same as any other week would


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